Record Number of Illegal Immigrants Flooding the Country, Now Able to Become Armed Law Enforcement Officers for What Can Only Be Described as a Coup!

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According to CBP data, 14,509 people were encountered illegally crossing our southern border yesterday – the highest single-day number ever. An additional 29K illegal aliens were also encountered during the Christmas weekend. Only two Border Patrol agents moving another mass of thousands of illegal immigrants from around the world to a processing area as they continue to see enormous numbers of men from Africa who tell us they are going to sanctuary cities around the US. This adds to the hundreds of thousands of Chinese illegal immigrants coming across other border points as well. All of these crises are converging at once as multiple sanctuary cities have announced passing legislation to allow illegal immigrants (DACA) the ability to become armed law enforcement officers, and The Biden Administration continues to put our entire National Security at risk for what clearly appears to be a deliberate invasion. But why? Watch the video and draw your own conclusions but understand what history has taught us time and time again “When a man flees war, he takes his family with him, but when a man heads to war, he leaves his family behind.”

(Back up video at Bitchute)