* Update: 12/14) Turkish Lawmaker Dies From A Heart Attack Moments After Saying “Israel Will Suffer The Wrath Of Allah!”

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UPDATE: Dec 14 (Reuters) – An opposition Turkish lawmaker died on Thursday, two days after suffering a heart attack and collapsing in front of parliament as he finished a speech criticising the government’s policy toward Israel. Hasan Bitmez, 54, a member of parliament from the opposition Felicity (Saadet) Party, died in Ankara City Hospital, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca told reporters in televised remarks.A graduate of Cairo’s Al Azhar University, Bitmez was the chairman of the Centre for Islamic Union Research and had previously worked for Islamic non-governmental organisations, his parliament biography shows.

Shocking moment Hasan Bitmez, a member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, collapses immediately after making a speech in Parliament, calling for “Allah’s punishment on Israel” that “Israel will suffer the wrath of Allah!” suffering a heart attack at the end of a live-streamed parliamentary speech!

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Hasan Bitmez, 53, of the Felicity Party, delivered an address at the General Assembly of the Turkish parliament, ending it by saying that “we can perhaps hide from our conscience but not from history,” and by addressing the Jewish state: “You will not escape the wrath of Allah.” He then said, “I salute you all,” immediately before collapsing to the ground at the podium, with his head hitting the floor. According to Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, Bitmez was hospitalized and his condition was “extremely critical and serious.”