Israel Invaded and Attacked! Is America Next? (Video)

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While the world is focused on Israel being attacked by Hamas, a proxy for Iran, the Taliban has requested the Iranian and Iraqi governments provide safe passage to its fighters so they can join the conflict in Israel.

Turkey has warned the USA not to get involved, as military supplies from the US have already started to arrive. The aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, along with its associated warships and fighter jets have been dispatch to the waters off the coast of Israel with the possibility of a second US aircraft carrier. Lebanon and Syria have already joined the fight firing missiles into Israel.

Let us not forget that the Biden administration airlifted over 100,000 unvetted Afghans into the USA during their botched withdrawal, who were settled all over the country and paid for by American tax dollars. If you think what happened in Israel can’t or won’t happen here, understand that the entire Gaza strip population is estimated to be around 779,000, with an estimated 20-25,000 Hamas loyalists.

Since Biden took office, it is estimated that 7 million illegal aliens have crossed into the US border, with more than 75% of them being military-aged men, most of whom are from Middle Eastern countries included citizens from state sponsors of terrorism such as Iran and Syria. The Biden administration has allowed illegal immigrants to flood into our country unchecked and unvetted, and this continues daily. The NYC mayor has just warned its citizens to be on heightened alert in case of any connected terrorist attacks.

Keep in mind that, with all of this going on, the US is still funding billions of dollars to Ukraine to “fight” a proxy war against Russia, while China is currently running military exercises to invade Taiwan, which most military experts agree is imminent. Additionally, there are multiple reports that some of the illegal immigrants in our courtier are actually paid UN soldiers here undercover waiting to “active”.

But don’t worry, our depleted military is more concerned with the fabricated climate crisis, appointing leaders based on race and gender, not qualifications like experience, and ensuring everyone uses the right pronouns. There is no end in sight; our border is not secure, and under this current administration, our country is not safe. And now, Hamas and Hezbollah leaders are calling for a “global day of jihad” this Friday, October 13th.

One thing is for sure, there is a storm coming: America, be hyper vigilant, keep your powder dry and keep your head on a swivel.