Environmental, Social and Governance Score AKA ESG Score Works Like a Credit Score but is So Much Worse!

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Do you know what ESG scores are? No? Well you better look into it. ESG scores stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance score. Government, banks and businesses will soon require you to live your life according to the woke agenda in order to be able to get loans, low interest rates, jobs, or any other services. You don’t believe in climate change? Oh, sorry we can’t help you. You said something bad about BLM? Well our government says that you’re not allowed to feel that way so we can’t do business with you and you’re not allowed to live over there. Chinese style communism on steroids is on its way to the USA and they aren’t even hiding it!

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Make no mistake, none of this is to help people or help the environment, that’s just the subterfuge they are going to use to implement it but in all reality, it has everything to do with control and seizing power. Once this is adopted by our society, the “useful idiots” who were manipulator to support this will quickly be redesignated as “useless eaters” and we all know what history has taught us comes next. Watch the video for a breakdown of how it all works!