Chickens Producing Less Eggs! Prices Skyrocket? Farmers Blaming Something in the Feed? MRNA? GMO?

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This is just one of many video reports surfacing of farmers who raise chickens for eggs experiencing a low egg yield due to what they suspect is issues with the store-bought feed. Are GMO’s to blame? mRNA / spike protein issues?

Since there are only a handful of companies who control the food, about 10, anything is possible.

The ten companies that control the food.

While no one is exactly sure what is certain is that this person is now getting a much better egg yield once she switched to mixing her own organic feed! Hopefully even more farmers will adopt this method and report similar positive outcomes!

Lack of supply causing the sudden spike?

No doubt this is not the last we are going to hear from this issue as prices continue to skyrocket and our mainstream media attempts to blame everything from global warming to higher gas prices!