Playskool Unveils Vaccinate Me Elmo Doll!

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We have all seen the videos of the left wing spewing their vaccination propaganda targeting children in a disgusting manner. From teachers to big tech social media to main stream news outlets the manner they are attempting to sell this fear to the youth of today is appalling! Not one mention of natural immunity, herd immunity, eating healthy, getting exercise and all things that can strength our immune system but instead pushing an experimental drug which has now proven to cause the spread of the virus more and had a higher death toil due to its complications then the virus itself! But that is what happens when you have companies who are profiting immensely from the production of a “free” vaccination that just so happens to have a majority of stockholders who also hold seats in our government including many in our congress! See there is no profit in the cure, only making and keeping people sick and what better way to thin the heard for their more easily controlled 500,000,000 as it is written on the Georgia Guidestones! We had to share this video (courtesy of The Babylon Bee) because we know it’s going to be pulled down and scrubbed off the net fast and regardless if this is satire or not it’s exactly the kind of tactics perpetrated by the liberal left!

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