“Forest Biden” CGI Subterfuge Video! They Aren’t Even Trying To Fool You Any More!

Forest Biden CGI Subterfuge Video! They Aren't Even Trying To Fool You Any More!
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The social media “fact checkers” AKA liberal puppets AKA Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda on behalf of The Biden Administration will declare that this video is fake, that this was edited or that it was some sort of optical illusion based on prospective but unfortunately for them this footage went out and was captured live!

Immediately several main stream media sites have attempted to provide damage control with re-edits using lower third graphics to cover over the “glitch” and even enlarging the video so that it is no longer in the frame. Regardless it’s pretty cleared from the original video seen hear that what we are being told and being shown from the current Administration is a complete fabrication.

This comes to us on the heels of new evidence from a social media audit of Joe Biden’s accounts proving that at least three fourths of all Biden social media account followers are derived from bots, AI or fake accounts harvested by social media user farms. (NY Post)

How shocking to hear this news about a president that supposedly gained historically more votes than any other president in the world, votes with clearly were acquired by fraud as well!

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