Dr. Mattias Desmet Breaks Down The Mass Psychosis Attack We Are Under in Regards to Covid-19 & The Vaccine!

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In a level headed, non political manner Dr. Mattias Desmet, a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium breaks down the mass psychosis attack our society is currently under in regards to the Covid-19 / Vaccine situation on Dr. Chris Martenson’s show PeakProsperity. Dr. Desmet draws a clear comparison between what our governments are doing to their citizens with their propaganda laced narrative to that of what nazi Germany perpetrated on its people in the 1930’s.

The only thing they are missing is that they are naive to assume there is no nefarious purpose for the whole staged “pandemic”. Somehow they seem to complete miss the massive overreaching power grab by our government using all of this to strip our citizens of their rights, to collapse our economy and many would say to reduce the population to a manageable level. While I agree that the common nurse or doctor is not really evil, but instead is too far trusting and programed by the system that feeds them to question what they are told is “truth”. Understand that without a shadow of a doubt there is a much more sinister force orchestrating this entire event to ultimately bring down our country and usher in a one world totalitarian system like we have seen happen in the past. One that promises to be a utopia but instead delivers a nightmare bringing with it suffering, starvation and ultimately mass genocide.