Deleted Clip: Recovered: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Admits Israel Was Pfizer’s Lab To Test Their COVID Jab On Human Subjects!

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In December 2022 Dr. Jordan Peterson interviewed Israel Prime Minister-Elect Benjamin Netanyahu. The interview streamed live in its entirely but then when the video of the interview was uploaded later there was a portion of it edited out?

Why you ask? Well if you were able to watch the original interview live its very clear, something was accidentally discussed they intended to cover up. The edited out portion shows Israel Prime Minister-Elect Benjamin Netanyahu admitting that Israel was Pfizer’s lab to test their experimental COVID vaccines containing mRNA on human subjects, an unaware Israeli public.

Netanyahu added that because of the unique nature of the Israel’s National Health Insurance (NHI) which collects a genetic database of its citizens coupled with the countries diverse population made it a “powerful engine” to test and monitor the introduction and use of the vaccines. Luckily someone had recorded the entire original stream of the interview which you can now watch here. Gee I wonder why they chose to edit this portion out?