VIDEO PROOF: Bill Gates Using Vaccines for Depopulation Agenda!

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This is video proof of Bill Gates, in his own words explaining how he is using vaccinations to cause mass global depopulation. This video has been scrubbed off the Internet numerous times and the so-called “fact checkers” have attempted to wash this video away as make-believe but its very clear this has been the Gates family intentions for quite some time!

This is the same guy who owns and flies in private jets hundreds of times a year burning more fossil fuel that most countries! The same man who does large amounts business with countries like China that produce more carbon emissions than any other nation while ignoring any environmental laws whatsoever and worse yet violating human rights on a genocidal scale to produce cheep labor. Whose father was a self proclaimed leader of the eugenics movement who had a key role with Planned Parenthood.

Let’s not forget about the Bill Gates foundation has been buying up massive amounts of farmland in the Midwest only to close these farms down and crippling US food production! But sure, this guy is trying to help us! If you believe that you are a fool! These rich liberal elites are trying to do nothing more than strip you of your rights, depopulate the nation by killing you with vaccines and poison in your food all the while keeping a small percentage around for a work labor force, which they require to be served. Wake up peopleā€¦