Gruesome Attack! School Districts Systematic Failure to Address Threat Due to Fear of Woke Backlash!

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Outrage at Pennbrook Middle School: Calls for Immediate Action as 12-Year-Old Girl Describes Gruesome Attack; School District’s Systemic Failure to Address Threat Due to Fear of Woke Backlash.

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First and foremost, the teachers and supervisors of Pennbrook Middle School in Montgomery County who willingly turned a blind eye to this and are responsible for creating conditions for this to happen in the first place need to be fired immediately and brought up on charges of neglect! No doubt authorities feared “woke backlash” if they dared to question this person and this liberal “golden calf” (AKA The pro-trans movement) as not only a potential but credible threat! Second, the ideology of “transgender” is a mental illness, and any person or institution promoting it as “normal,” especially to children, needs to be disbanded and removed from any sort of position of authority or positions responsible for children. These people who are pushing this “trans” agenda are predators and sick. This is an agenda of grooming your children, and they need not only to be fired from any position of authority, they need to be registered as sex offenders and ultimately put behind bars!

This is absolutely heartbreaking. Listen to this brave 12-year-old girl, an eyewitness and friend of the victim, describe the gruesome Pennbrook attack that had been planned for days. “We warned my counselor it was going to happen because I was 2nd on the ‘HIT LIST’ [and] was told to watch my back because he’s coming for you at lunch.” She added “not allowed to call our parents… bangs of the Stanley bouncing off her head… blood everywhere… hearing ‘I’m gonna murder you!’… had to watch them clean up the blood with a mop…”

She spoke at the North Penn School District School Board Action Meeting (April 18th), following her dad who opened the public comment just after Asst. Super Todd Bauer read a statement announcing he wouldn’t be commenting or answering any questions or concerns from parents & students. Heartbreaking and outrageous.

Persons exhibiting these behaviors and/or identifying as transgender should be flagged as a potential threat/risk to themselves and other students. Furthermore, those actively promoting this behavior as normal need to be fired from any position of authority, registered as sex offenders, and ultimately put behind bars!

As a human being, you should be outraged by the sick agenda and nonsense being perpetrated on children! Contact the North Penn School District as well as Pennbrook Middle School and demand immediate action be taken not only on the student, but on the teachers and the school board for allowing an environment such as this to propagate.

  • North Penn School District
    401 E. Hancock Street, Lansdale PA 19446
    Phone: 215 368-0400
  • Pennbrook Middle School
    1201 N Wales Rd, North Wales, PA 19454
    (215) 699-9287