Fake Media: Ukrainian Military Bombing Ukrainian Apartments Blaming Russian Government to Escalate War Effort!

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Watch one of many videos now being leaked where fake media is being called out live on the air as they attempt to push more false narratives about what is going on in the Ukraine.

Here we see an on-air corresponded reporting that Russia had attacked a Ukrainian apartment complex killing 29 Ukrainian citizens. She was quickly confronted and corrected by a local area babushka who informed her that it was in fact the Ukrainian military who bombed the complex.

Ukrainian military fires missile into Poland and tries to blame Russia

This is not unlike the time that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy went world wide accusing Russia of attacking Poland by firing a missile into their country when in fact it was proven shortly after that missile came from the Ukrainian military!

This is just another of many attempts by the fake media to derive more sympathy from Western nations, to reinforce their false narrative and to show a necessity for more funding for the war effort.